Everyone in the picture gets a print. why?  because everyone matters!  (Don't settle for 2 prints)​

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A few years ago, we were at a friends wedding. (It was a beautiful wedding, on a beautiful day)

As we were there, we struck an awkward pose or two for the professional photographer, and then realized that our friend had also hired a photo booth (how fun right??)

A group of 10 of us went to go get a few photo booth pictures, and everything was going great, up until the prints came out.

When the prints came out, we noticed that only 2 prints had made their way out of the printer. we immediately asked the attendant if we could all get a picture.

We were met with an immediate "NO, they didn't pay for that".

Fast forward to today, and our motto is: "Everyone in the picture gets a print. Why? Because everyone matters!

Frank ♥ Yadi